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ITW Chockfast® RED HF Epoxy Grout HI-FLOW, PUMPABLE

A Next Generation Epoxy Grout Setting the Standard for Versatility and Results.

As our newest product in a long heritage of successful machinery grouting and chocking compound, Chockfast® Red HF Epoxy Grout offers improved working and placement qualities. Chockfast® Red HF Epoxy Grout is suitable for small and large volume pours - achieving excellent cured properties for dependable, long-term service.

Epoxy Grout & Equipment Reliability— a Constructive Relationship: Equipment reliability is a key component of, and is directly proportional to, profitability with today's industrial producers. Users of dynamic industrial machinery know this to be true and go to great lengths to attain greater operating efficiency and reliability in their equipment to achieve lower operating costs. In doing so, greater productivity is possible, resulting in a noticeable positive effect on the bottom line.

Epoxy grouts serve an important function in the quest for equipment reliability. As part of the equipment foundation, the grout layer is a key element of the equipment "system" and a fundamental consideration in the mission to improve and maintain operating reliability.

The Challenge with Grouting Applications— Due to the rigorous performance requirements and severe service environments under which industrial machinery & equipment must operate, there are a number of factors that work against the goal of optimized reliability.

In the world of grouts and grouting, structural performance is the essential requirement so it is critical that the grout be installed correctly. Chockfast® Red HF Epoxy Grout has the right qualities needed to achieve intended placement before it cures and after it cures, perform as intended. The ability to install product in a wide array of applications and conditions makes Chockfast® Red HF Epoxy Grout the first choice.

Pumping Chockfast® Red HF Epoxy Grout— A key feature of Chockfast® Red HF Epoxy Grout is its fluid consistency, which allows it be effectively pumped using worm-drive (progressive cavity) and peristaltic type pumps to those difficult and hard to reach areas.

Impressive discharge rates can be achieved when grouting large volume applications such as high-speed compressor packages, grouting of multiple pieces of equipment in a single operation, or working in difficult access areas. This contributes greatly to time savings. The fluid nature of Chockfast® Red HF Epoxy Grout makes pumping not only possible but a viable new option to consider in planning your next installation.

With the right approach, pumping Chockfast® Red HF Epoxy Grout on your next application will reduce the overall installation time and cost versus other traditional techniques.

Grouting a Gas Compressor Package
with Chockfast Red HF

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Use and Installation Under High-Speed, Separable Compressor Skids

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  • Maintains physical properties even at shallow depths
  • Pumpability increases placement rates and productivity while reducing installation equipment costs
  • High effective bearing area (>95%), extremely low shrinkage rates
  • Fast cure schedule allows quicker return to service
  • Greatly reduces the amount of "over the flange" waste
  • Can be used, in conjunction with large aggregates, to fill voids in skid packages
  • Pumpability makes it possible to reach areas with very limited access such as those found in skid package applications
  • Fluid consistency allows material to be pumped using peristaltic and worm drive (progressive cavity) type pumps
  • No need to reduce aggregate loads to improve flow. Reducing aggregate results in loss of physical properties
  • Allows for high level of placement control
  • Can also be poured using traditional placement methods

Let us reduce your overall installation time and cost versus other traditional foundation grouting techniques!

CF Red is preconditioned in heated semi trailers to facilitate proper grout placement in cold work conditions

Tenting and heating the equipment & foundation to facilitate proper grout placement in cold work conditions

Perimeter forms, jointing bolt & jackscrew prep and masking in place and ready

Pump / Mortar Mixer Station — used by the contractor to install CF Red HF

The Grout Handler coordinates and directs placement of CF Red HF

CF Red HF is mixed then pumped through lay flat hoses placed in strategic locations to direct point of placement and grout movement

The ease of pumping

Using lay flat hose allows for discharge in the most difficult area first to ensure complete contact is made with all critical support flanges

As each bay is successfully filled, the grouting operation moves toward completion

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